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We aim to provide robust next-gen Business Solutions. We are specialized in Risk Management, Embedded Technologies, Responsive Website Design & Development, SEO, Mobile Apps Development, Data Center, Online Solutions and more.

Comprehensive technology

Offering a comprehensive suite of technology solutions


Customised solution to meet a business’ unique goals and technology needs

Following best practices

To Execute high quality Work and Services

Robust Security implemented

Security implemented through a robust infrastructure and operational controls

Creative and inspired Designer

Offering designer who understand the latest trends and need of a Business

Effective Leadership

To provide flawless services and products to Customers

Powerful cloud technology

We use powerful cloud technology and managed services to meet your demand today and beyond

Experienced Web and Software Developers

We have developers who gained most of their skills from real life problem solving

24/7 Support

We are waiting to help you in any manner 24/7 to improve quality and experience for your customers


Organizations needs to adopt accelerated innovation in their processes, products and services which will contribute agility, efficiency, growth, value creation for the company, customers and partners. In the meantime they should be aligned to higher customer expectation, tighter resources, fierce competition and strict regulations.

We aspire to meet your demands through our unique array of products and services in an integrated manner with a quicker time to market strategy.

We work with our partners to bring an array of products built on cutting edge technology to suit your business requirements

Online Compliance Monitoring Solution
Instrument Collections System
Early Warning System
Freight Management System
Print Queue Monitoring System
Employee Appraisal Rating System
Courier Management System
Resource Allocation System
Internal Security Audit - Vendor Compliance System
Access Control & Time Management
Footfall Tracker System
Fleet Leasing System


Our Vision

We are a UAE based company with branches in the US and in India. Our vision is to create and lead the space of being the preferred technology partner for BFSI, SME and Government Organisations is our Vision. We will participate and focus in making organisations productive, profitable and efficient through an array of solutions and services in the markets where we can make a significant contribution and excel. We have the courage to change. Success starts from within… We aspire to fulfill the need for experienced subject matter expertise in various information technology space by the organisation. We want to “give back” our earned experience and expertise to the industry. Our value is with “what we know” more than “what we do”.

Our Expertise


Shiamak Marshall

A Bachelor of Science with specialization in Physics from Bombay University, India, he has over 29 years of IT Applications and Hardware and Firmware design, troubleshoot, redesign experience experience primarily in BFSI domain, in India, USA and the Middle East.

His core competencies include among others, Assembly Programming, Data Centre Process automation using Firmware upgrades, Re-engineering of Software and Hardware, Innovative Design/Re-design, Process Development and Re-engineering, Cost Rationalization, Process Improvement, Systems and Solutions Availability Management, Problem Management, Mobile applications using GPRS, Strategic management Leadership, Communication and IT & Business Process Consulting.

He is the pioneer in creation of the CAAST Machines used by Citibank India decades back. He has led some of the toughest competitive battles in the software industry.

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